Home News Tribune Gymnastics Coach of the Year: Brant Lutska, Bishop Ahr

For the Bishop Ahr High School gymnastics team, the 2013 season was a banner year. The Trojans captured the Greater Middlesex Conference title and the school’s 10th state title after a first-place finish at the North II Sectional. Along for the ride was head coach Brant Lutska, who called the season an extraordinary one.

“We were only eight kids deep this year, which was the smallest team I’ve had at Bishop Ahr,” Lutska said. “But it was a team with heart and on day 1, I told them they could be a state title team, but they had to put in the work. It was great to stand back and watch that hard work pay off.”

Lutska is The Home News Tribune’s Coach of the Year.

Led by super sophomore Julianna Drapkin and senior Casey Sabino, Bishop Ahr helped Lutska win his seventh state championship in 13 seasons at the helm.

“We really zoned in on who was going to be on what event when we got to state meets, and that strategy is a big part of getting us to where we were,” Lutska said. “If you are determined, and work together as a team, you can win the state championship. People doubted us, because of the size of our team, but it worked for us.”


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