Hillsborough’s Pallay is 13th, Onderko 16th in all-around at NJSIAA finals

Hillsborough's Sarah Pallay dismounts during her beam routine at the NJSIAA Individual Championships on Saturday. Photo by: Kathy Johnson

Hillsborough’s Sarah Pallay dismounts during her beam routine at the NJSIAA Individual Championships on Saturday. Photo by: Kathy Johnson

MONTGOMERY — Led by Sarah Pallay and Natalie Onderko, the Hillsborough High School gymnastics team put up impressive numbers at Saturday’s NJSIAA Individual Championships.

The duo placed 13th and 16th, respectively, in the all-around competition, scoring 36.950 and 36.625 respectively. Onderko came home in a tie for third on the uneven bars, after a 9.575 mark and Pallay finished in sixth on the balance beam after scoring a 9.525.

“The girls were great today. The individual competition is tough because there are so many great gymnasts in one room, so it can be a little intimidating. But we came out here and did what we planned on doing,” Hillsborough head coach Beth Murrin said. “Natalie was great today; we see her potential and I’m really proud of her performance today. Sarah is really easy-going, and sometimes I don’t know if she realizes how talented she is. But she’s really impressive and for her to come out with a really good all-around score is great.”

Emily Shugan, who won last week’s Sectional all-around title, finished 14th in the same competition on Saturday, scoring 36.825, with a fifth-place mark of 9.5000 in the uneven bars leading her day. Teammate Ayana Lee finished eighth on the floor exercise (9.450) to cap a year that saw her compete for Jamaica in the World Championships.

South Plainfield’s Nicole Sottiriou finished 18th in the all-around (36.660).

ALL-AROUND: 1. Kendall Valentin (Holmdel) 38.275; 2. Julianna Drapkin (Bishop Ahr) 38.225; 3. Kierstin Sokolowski (Lacey) 38.000; 4. Tess Zientek (Holmdel) 37.900; 5. Monica Servidio (Howell) 37.875; 6. Alexandra Wesoly (Lenape) 37.450; 7. Dominiquea Trotter (Middletown North) 37.400; 8. Samantha Marion (Ramapo) 37.100; 9. Victoria Lee (Old Bridge) 37.075; 10. Danielle Doolin (Shawnee) 37.050.

VAULT: 1. Kierstin Sokolowski (Lacey) 9.725; 2. Sahara Gipson (Ramapo) 9.650; 3. Dominiquea Trotter (Middletown North) 9.600; 4. Julianna Drapkin (Bishop Ahr) 9.575; 5. Kendall Valentin (Holmdel) 9.550; 6. Danielle Doolin (Shawnee) 9.500; 6. Yurina Harada (Ridgewood) 9.500; 8. Tess Zientek (Holmdel) 9.450; 9. Victoria Lee (Old Bridge) 9.425; 9. Renee Mallick (Montgomery) 9.425; 9. Emily Shugan (Bridgewater-Raritan) 9.425.

BARS: 1. Alexandra Wesoly (Lenape) 9.725; 2. Kendall Valentin (Holmdel) 9.675; 3. Kierstin Sokolowski (Lacey) 9.575; 3. Natalie Onderko (Hillsborough) 9.575; 5. Julianna Drapkin (Bishop Ahr) 9.500; 5. Emily Shugan (Bridgewater-Raritan) 9.500; 7. Sahara Gipson (Ramapo) 9.450; 8. Natalie Kowalik (East Brunswick) 9.425; 8. Tess Zientek (Holmdel) 9.425; 10. Monica Servidio (Howell) 9.400.

BEAM: 1. Tess Zientek (Holmdel) 9.600; 2. Monica Servidio (Howell) 9.575; 2. Danielle Doolin (Shawnee) 9.575; 4. Casey Sabino (Bishop Ahr) 9.550; 4. Dominiquea Trotter (Middletown North) 9.550; 6. Julianna Drapkin (Bishop Ahr) 9.475; 7. Kendall Valentin (Holmdel) 9.450; 8. Alexandra Wesoly (Lenape) 9.350; 10. Nicole Sottiriou (South Plainfield) 9.325; 10. Kara Giacose (Ramapo) 9.325.

FLOOR: 1. Julianna Drapkin (Bishop Ahr) 9.675; 1. Yurina Harada (Ridgewood) 9.675; 3. Kierstin Sokolowski (Lacey) 9.600; 3. Kendall Valentin (Holmdel) 9.600; 5. Sahara Gipson (Rampao) 9.575; 6. Monica Servidio (Howell) 9.500; 7. Jenna Crisalli (Freehold) 9.475; 8. Nicole Sottiriou (South Plainfield) 9.450; 8. Ayana Lee (Bridgewater-Raritan) 9.450; 8. Samantha Marion (Ramapo) 9.450.


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