Reid leads Hunterdon Central to Skyland Conference gymnastics title

FLEMINGTON — Behind the stellar performance of Steph Reid, the Hunterdon Central High School gymnastics team captured the Skyland Conference title, posting a season-high 110.525 Friday night in their home gym.

Reid won both the floor exercise (9.625) and the vault (9.55) and finished second on the uneven bars (9.55) and the balance beam (9.575) to finish with an All-Around best 38.150.

“It was definitely my best performance of the year,” Reid said. “I’ve always been really consistent on floor and I’ve been getting good scores, so I just did the best I could. And on vault, I did my best and got my best score of the season.”

The Red Devils also got a standout performance from Jessie Vallorosi, who finished third in the All-Around with a score of 36.800. Vallorosi placed fourth on the uneven bars (9.350) and tied for third on the floor (9.375) to buoy Hunterdon Central to their first team title since 2011.

“I thought the girls were ready to go today. I though warmups went well and I think we had the right mindset coming in and our focus was going to be do what we can control,” Hunterdon Central head coach Jessica Cantagallo-Rohm said. “We can’t control what other teams do and how the judges score, so our focus was to do the best we could do and however the cards play out, that’s how it would work out for us. I was very happy with the performances that they had.”

Cantagallo-Rohm was particularly proud of the way they her squad performed, setting a season-high in points, in front of their home crowd. But, she knows that this is not the ceiling for the Red Devils, because of a few falls from usually consistent performers. Nevertheless, Reid’s performance stuck with her coach.

“I think she just had a great day. We have been waiting for this all season, she’s battled injuries for the last two years and I’m so happy that she put it together in this meet,” Cantagallo-Rohm said.

Other winners in the meet included Bridgewater-Raritan’s Emily Shugan and Hillsborough’s Sarah Pallay. Shugan took home first place in the uneven bars with a score of 9.55 and Pallay won the balance beam with a mark of 9.575.

Pallay’s All-Around score of 37.600 was less than half-a-point behind Reid for the title.

TEAM SCORES: 1. Hunterdon Central 110.525; 2. Hillsborough 109.025; 3. Bridgewater-Raritan 107.550; 4. Montgomery 107.350; 5. Somerville 104.475; 6. Watchung Hills 101.250; 7. Ridge 98.025; 8. North Hunterdon 96.275.

ALL-AROUND: 1. Steph Reid (Hunterdon Central) 38.150; 2. Sarah Pallay (Hillsborough) 37.600; 3. Jessie Vallorosi (Hunterdon Central) 36.800; 4. Renee Mallick (Montgomery) 36.275; 5. Ayana Lee (Bridgewater-Raritan) 35.575; 6. Audrey Warner (Montgomery) 35.500.

VAULT: 1. Steph Reid (Hunterdon Central) 9.550; 2. Sarah Pallay (Hillsborough) 9.450; 3. Brionna Hawkens (Somerville) 9.400; 4. Renee Mallick (Montgomery) 9.350; 4. Ayana Lee (Bridgewater-Raritan) 9.350; 6. Jessie Vallorosi (Hunterdon Central) 9.250.

UNEVEN BARS: 1. Emily Shugan (Bridgewater-Raritan) 9.550; 2. Steph Reid (Hunterdon Central) 9.475; 2. Natalie Onderko (Hillsborough) 9.475; 4. Jessie Vallorosi (Hunterdon Central) 9.350; 5. Sarah Pallay (Hillsborough) 9.200; 6. Jordan Ricca (Montgomery) 9.050.

BALANCE BEAM: 1. Sarah Pallay (Hillsborough) 9.575; 2. Steph Reid (Hunterdon Central) 9.500; 3. Renee Mallick (Montgomery) 9.400; 4. Audrey Warner (Montgomery) 9.200; 5. Maeve Stewart (Hunterdon Central) 9.125; 6. Natalie Onderko (Hillsborough) 9.075.

FLOOR EXERCISE: 1. Steph Reid (Hunterdon Central) 9.625; 2. Faye Lawrence (Bridgewater-Raritan) 9.400; 3. Sarah Pallay (Hillsborough) 9.375; 3. Jessie Vallorosi (Hunterdon Central) 9.375; 5. Ayana Lee (Bridgewater-Raritan) 9.300; 6. Meaghan Jones (Bridgewater-Raritan) 9.150.


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