Ramblers on roll despite lack of practice

For the Carteret High School girls bowling team, the pins have been falling at a more consistent rate this season than they have in years past. But don’t credit their 14-1 start to lots of practice; in fact it’s the complete opposite.

“Unfortunately once the season starts, we don’t get to practice too much,” Carteret head coach Charles Simon said. “We have to just bowl.”

And bowl they have thus far in 2012-13, as the Ramblers have vaulted to the top of the GMC’s White Division behind junior Heather Androvich, who carried a 190.9 average through the weekend. Androvich, according to Simon, has been taking the game a lot more seriously this year, which has clearly shown in her leadership on the lanes with her teammates.

“I think I was good last year, but I just practiced a lot and I spent a lot of time just trying to figure out the lanes, the oil and the patterns,” Androvich said. “Last year we had a pretty good record, but the difference for us this year was in December; we practiced together a lot over winter break and we got a lot closer as a team and learned how to help each other.”

The Ramblers have rolled over their competition this season in dual meets, losing only to Red Division leader South Brunswick. And Androvich’s stellar bowling has been one of the key reasons why they’ve won match after match this winter. Against Perth Amboy on Dec. 7, Androvich rolled a 252-246-256 for a 754 series, which was the highest mark of her career and one of the top marks in the conference this season.

“The lanes were just working with the ball I had that day,” Androvich said. “I was just in a groove.”

But for all of Androvich’s successes this season, Simon made it known that a senior leader has been the one he’s leaned on to guide the squad.

“Cynthia Youngclaus is our leader,” Simon said. “She has really come on to be very steady for us this year. There’s a motto that I have for the girls that she reflects really well: if at first you don’t succeed, there’s another frame and another game and another match.”

Simon also noted that sophomores Alexis Policastro and Cryssi Golino have picked up the pace.

For the remainder of the season, Simon said that his squad just needs to remain focused on the task at hand and not get caught up in what’s down the road. But, because of their front-heavy schedule, when they bowled 10 times before the Jan. 1, Simon is now faced with a difficult situation.

“The season has played out funny, in the sense that we bowled a lot before Christmas and we bowled a lot last week, with the GMC individuals and the Brick Tournament, we were bowling six days of the week and in my opinion that’s way too much,” Simon said. I have to be able to keep the girls focused in the next couple of weeks when there isn’t much on our schedule.”

Woodbridge Classic

J.F. Kennedy finished second to St. Peter’s Prep in Saturday’s Woodbridge Classic at the Woodbridge Bowling Center.

St. Peter’s Prep rolled a 3,112 total in the morning session. Kennedy, bowling in the afternoon session, totalled 3,095 in the tournament, which consisted of two traditional games followed by five in Baker format. Anthony Ruiz of Carteret tied for high game with 268.

Other local boys finishes include: 5. Linden 3,001; 8. Old Bridge 2,964; 9. Colonia 2,900; 10. Woodbridge 2,895; 12. J.P. Stevens 2,836; 13. Middlesex 2,793; 15. Monroe 2,742; 18. South Plainfield 2,640; 19. Edison 2,557; 21. Carteret 2,510. On the girls side, J.F. Kennedy’s Courtney Wiewiorski, who competed while recovering from a broken ankle, rolled the high game of 247 and led Kennedy to a fourth-place finish. Brick and Brick Memorial finished 1-2 with Woodbridge third (2,571). Carteret was fifth (2,528). Other local boys finishes include: 6. Edison 2,422; 7.South Plainfield 2,401; 8. Colonia 2,337; 9. Monroe 2,290; 10. Middlesex 2,017; 11. J.F.Kennedy B 1,796; 12. J.P. Stevens 1,794; 13. Old Bridge 1,735.


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